How to maintain Work life Balance

How to maintain Work life Balance

How to maintain Work life Balance- Work life balance is including proper prioritizing between your work and daily your daily life routines(Health, Pleasure, Leisure, Spirituality and most importantly your family and love ones).

You have to define certain parameters for proper balancing of your self care and relationships which includes personal, friends, spouse and children.

How to maintain Work life Balance

How to maintain Work life Balance-In one of the survey it is concluded that more than 61% respondents are unable to find proper balance between their working style and their personal life which is obviously more important than all!

Reasons of imbalance

  1. Poor time and task management
  2. Poor Working Environment
  3. Poor Trainings
  4. In Efficient Co-workers
  5. Domestic Issues
  6. Financial Issues(low salary)
  7. Casual Response towards work
  8. Poor Health
  9. Work Stress
  10. Long working Hours


Set Priorities

  1. First thing first
  2. Learn to say No
  3. Organize your work
  4. Use Technology for quick solutions
  5. Get some time to relax
  6. Avoid Stress
  7. Make efficient Teams
  8. Learn to Manage-Instead of doing
  9. Do not overload things
  10. Do not Expect High
  11. Avoid Multitasking
  12. Learn new ways of organizing work
  13. Change working environment


  1. More value in your life and work style
  2. Better understanding of work balance
  3. Reduced work stress
  4. Increase Productivity
  5. Find the Balance that works for you
  6. Celebrate your success and do not dwell your failures
  7. Life is a process. So is your starving balance

Life is all about balance, too much or too little can kill it