Hidden Features of Google search Engine

Hidden Features of Google search Engine

Hidden Features of Google search Engine-Google search Engine is one of the most used powerful tool for our daily internet search, we usually search using simple key phrases or keywords of common types. Most people use same pattern of search options using keywords like, how to, what is, which is, or basic search keywords etc.

But there are many silent hidden features or search options we can use to refine and get accurate results from google search engine.

The article is about some of those silent Hidden Features of Google search Engine you can utilize in your daily life to get accurate and fast results.

Advanced Search Definition Key

Search query = Data entered in Google’s search field
Keyword = 1 or more words in your search query, search terms.
[bracket word] = words inside brackets are user defined

Money / Unit conversions

Other then common search you can also use google to convert USD to and other currency and vise versa, similarly you can use to convert meters into KM or any unit to other etc in google.

Find Specific File formats or type

Another hidden features of google search engine is that you can search any specific file format or type using the given search pattern:

*Search term here* filetype:pdf

muzaffarabad city png:png

Descriptive words

When you have trouble finding what you are searching for, you can use descriptive words to search

You can search “How to install drivers in HP laser jet 2035?”

When you really mean “Troubleshoot driver problems in HP laser jet 2035.”

Spelling doesn’t matter

You can search for anything using any keywords even wrong spelling, the google search engine will still try to even correct and search for the exact information you are looking for.

Nver Gna Gve Yo Up

Never Gonna Give You Up

Google search Shortcuts

Weather *zip code*

What is the definition of *word* or Define: *word*

Time *place* 

Use important words only

In your google search just use important words to search your query, when you search for too more words it may limit your search options.

Don’t use: Where can I find a net cafe in that Muzaffaraabd city.

Instead use: net cafe in Muzaffarabad.

Use professional clauses only

Use professional language to search google, people may use their daily life broken english to search, although google will still try to get maximum results for you. But if you want to get accurate and maximum results for your search try to at least some professional keywords in your search phrase.

Gradually increase your search terms

First try simple little words like:

job interview skills

how to prepare for the job interview

How to prepare for the job interview to showcase my skills best

Google Dictionary

Use google dictionary to search difficult words meaning in your own language.

Google Translate

Google will helpful for you to translate 109 language to others languages.

The Google Translate app for Android and iOS supports 109 languages and can propose translations for 37 languages via photo, 32 via voice in “conversation mode”, and 27 via live video imagery in “augmented reality mode”.

Courtesy of google search

Google search to do Maths

Google provide best solutions for your arithmetic and mathematical problems as well:

Asterisk wild cards

When you use an asterisk in your google search, it will leave a placeholder that may be automatically filled by the search engine later. syntax:

“Come * right now * me”

Google search will search for that phrase knowing that the asterisks (*) can be any word.

Search specific sites

There may be an instance where you need to Google search for articles or content on a certain website. The syntax is very simple and we’ll show you below.

digitalajk site:digitalajk.com

This will search related content only in digitalajk.com.

To Exclude words

Use hyphen to cut out words and only search specific. It can be wildly helpful when finding information about something without getting information about something else.

Toyota -cars

search for toyota other than cars

Use Quotes

When you are trying to search really specific use quotes to hit exactly the same content you ar looking for.

“Hotels in Muzaffarabad”

“IT Institutes in AJK”

Use google Tabs

Compare things like foods using “vs”

Can’t decide between a burger or pizza ? Type in “rice vs. quinoa,” for example, and you’ll receive side-by-side comparisons of the nutritional facts!

Search by voice

Google Voice Search or Search by Voice is a Google product that allows users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer.

Google Earth

Use google earth to find out any place or area using the satellite images or live images of your requried area:

Google Source Finder

Find news results from a certain source in Google News.

apple source:the_verge

Bottom Line

Internet surfing is one of the major part of our lives, there are over 63,000 searches per second on any given day in google. Google is one of the best source of information searching today. Try to explore many hidden informative features of this search console to maximize google results.

Writer:[Muhamamd Naveed]