How to Earn money online

How to Earn money online

When I google this query there are millions of people specially from Pakistan and other countries are searching for some quick ways to earn money and become rich soon. There are millions of other people who search for ways how to become rich? How we can work from home and become rich?How to earn online? How to income online? ways on earning from internet etc. These are some of the top search queries from people who want to earn from home using internet.

The idea is right, being an IT professional I would say you are absolutely at the right site and you will get the right idea as well. But How to Earn money online? the algorithm is not easy. This is not like that you can earn in a day and night and become rich. You can certainly can, but for this you have to plan differently! You have to be consistent and you have to plan your life again.

As there are examples of rich people if you study them a bit you will get the answer that they not become rich in by day or night, else they work for years, mostly fail most of time in their early careers. But with their courage and patience to fight hard and to get their destination they work hard and at the end they become rich, so rich that they are now examples for others. The most simple formula to become rich is :

How to earn money online

But keep in mind this quote also:

How to earn money online

Formal education is a structured and systematic form of learning. This is the education of a certain standard delivered to students by trained teachers.

Selfeducation is the act of acquiring knowledge or a skill without having someone else to teach it to you. You are the only one who will help yourself get that knowledge without any formal instruction and you will be educated without any actual formal schooling.

The people who search this query “How to Earn money online” online are mostly literate and even some of them having Bachelor and Masters degrees under their built, but they never realized that what they have learnt so far is just the formal education which everybody learn, see how much of my class mates completed their masters with me in CS, but the dilemma is most of them still not get their jobs and some of them are even working against their professional degrees.

What is the reason? the answer is: that they did not realized that after completing your Formal study you must be capable of learning the art of self education and this is the key for success and to become rich you need this education, with your formal education or even if you do not have the formal education but have the self education you can become rich and successful in life. There are examples of rich people who hardly have graduation but they are very rich and famous because they have money and because have the art of self educating themselves.

Now I come to the main point that how you can earn money by self educating. Here are some tips for you:

How to Earn money online-Learn Skills:

The most important thing for you is the skill, everybody born with a unique skill, you have to find that, what is your main skill or what you born for. If you can explore yourself and get that skill, you can utilize that for earning money as well. Because if your passion become you job wow this will be your achievement and you will never become bore. You will like to work day and night because you are working for your passion not for the job and money will keep coming your way.

Many of your thinks that only computer personals can work online and get money. No your are wrong, any one of you having any skill or even profession or formal degree holder can earn online he just need to learn a bit of technique of utilizing the computer tools.

Of course, you can also learn Software tools available in today’s world, skills like

MS Office

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Corel Draw

Web Designing or Website development using simple languages (HTML, CSS, JS )

You can find many useful links of tutorials online, simply google it.

One the most useful link am sharing is the Digiskills Tutorials: you will find some amazing teachers at one of the best forums of Digiskills, so I’ll suggest you to visit this link and learn one of most demanded skills of market:

How to Earn money online-Freelancing Marketplace

Freelance, freelancer, and freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

Some of the top freelancing platform to earn money online are: upworkfreelanceFiverrpeople per hour etc. (also read..)

Content Management System using Word press

The amazing tool word press; which has all in one, everyone can learn this amazing tool to change his life, you will feel new confidence after learning this tool, you can start your own blog, or woo commerce business, sales online, affiliate marketing, digital marking, freelancing and many other business opportunities you can start, but for that you have to learn word press.

Online Word press tutorials in Urdu

After learning WordPress you will able to

– if you are a teacher you can teach online using your own LMS

-You are technician of any field you can provide your service online

Essay writings online (blogging)

If you can write useful articles you can embed google AdScense and other affiliates marketing with your blog and earn a lot of money.

You can also earn money by running Business directory of your City or province (using wordpress tools)

How to Earn money online-Online Consultancy

If you have particular skills in any area, you can also launch an online portal of consultancy, professionals like doctors, teachers, mentors, fitness experts, gym experts, computer experts, beautician, programmers, mobile engineers, mobile technicians, HR consultants, SEO expert, Chefs, food experts, careers counselors, Computer assistants, account experts and may others can utilize the new way of consultancy and earn a lot of money by just sitting using the online markets, they just need some skills on online marking using the social media or SMS marketing.

10 web sites that will pay you write for them

How to Earn money online-Freelancing Marketplace

If you have skills you can use any of freelancing marketplaces and creates you profiles and get work from foreign clients at your home. For this you must have good skill with attractive profile, to win clients online use the formula of Mr. Hisham server called :
7 Rangi Formula.

Get Inspirations from some of the greats

How to Earn money online-Useful websites to earn:

101 websites to earn money online

How to Earn money online-Bottom Line

The world is changing specially after COVID-19, the working styles are also change, so to maximize your earnings with living in your comfort zone is not a dream now, you can earn online by just learning some of new skills I have shared in this article, follow some of links I have shared in this article, may be you are just a click away of starting a new career within your comfort zone!

Written by: Muhammad Naveed