How to promote your business digitally in 2020

digital marketing trends 2020

Advertisement and Marketing Trends in 2020

We are living in 21st century, the human race is so passionate about getting everything which they can simply imagine, the Sciences and Artificial intelligence are going to to take big part in our social lives. The rapid spread of technology gadgets and software illusions are taking key part in our lives as well. We have already touch the uncertainty of virtual reality in terms of feeling and making things happen which are even beyond the thinking of past human.

How to promote your business digitally in 2020

With the technology revolutions, the mind sets, life styles and even cultures norms are also changed, we as human looking for more comfortable life now. We look for a quick solution of our problems with simply a voice over command or even touch or click to a deaf hardware to get the job done within seconds.

How to promote your business digitally in 2020
How to promote your business digitally in 2020

So, this is how things are shaped in 2020 and in the coming future we will see more of these gadgets and software to be part of our lives. Basically all these developments are been made for our comfort actually. Where solution of every problem has been embed with our daily life used gadgets and tools like, smart phone, mobile phone, digital watches, digital cameras, sensors, laptops, palmtops, notepads and many other digital devices.

How to promote your business digitally in 2020

Marketing and business trends in 2020

With the use of technology now marketing and business opportunities has been changed immensely, you can simply launch any new brand of your products within a seconds and in the next minute you can even get the order booking! this is amazing. The use of smart phones embedded with social media apps are one of key door steps for advertisement of your business goals.

In this article I’ll try to introduce you some of the techniques: How to promote your business digitally in 2020.

A Website with a domain name like your business or brand

I place this at first, as your business needs an online identity you must have a web site and before going to start development or designing of your web portal you need to register a domain name : that should be more likely to be same or synonym or mix of your business name with some other keywords of your choice. for example:

Domain names like: digitalajk, daraz, neelumcityhotel, selfriliance, hdomzd, ncsdo, mooncreations and most other are some examples of main keywords of your business domain name

How to promote your business digitally in 2020

The domain name helps your business to be ranked top in google search, people now a days search google before actually doing any thing. This is how you can get your business to be ranked top. And if you do not have that domain name or URL or website or internet identity; you will no longer be part of that search so you will of course miss a huge number of customers and one of key marketing tool there.

How to promote your business digitally in 2020

So here I suggest you all, if you have any business or product or even a service you must have website or even a social media page or online advertisement of your goods or services, because in next coming years you will certainly need to have this for sure.

Social Media Page

Website with your own domain name I should say a little expensive thing for new businesses, but you do not need to worry at all, you have another option available which is the social media page of your business which is free of cost, social media sites like, Facebook, twitter, linked in, Instagram, pinterest and there are so many others, these have massive users some even billions in numbers, you can target area wise people to promote your business and get your business a global identity as well.

Online store

After you have set up your goods or services’s website or a social media page, you will get the desired traffic in terms of customers, views, reviews, orders, queries about your goods or services, now the issue is the distance from your customer because they are sitting at home! some of your products visitors are out of area and even some of those will be out of country as well. Here you need a online store like linked with your website or even with your social media page. So that you can maximize your earnings online and offline by delivering your products to them by digital orders with cash on delivery or online money transfers.

Add your business to business directory of your city/region or country.

There was a time when people used to publish annual booklet of business directory of their city or specific areas, but now a days with IT revolutions you do not need to publish huge booklets with handwork Now you can simply register your businesses to any of business directory of your country, state or even city, that will help to promote your business immensely. People now a days search anything from google before going to purchase or even to visit a place, so this is one of the most simple and fastest ways of promoting your business or brands. for example you can register your business at the following link if you are a citizen of AJK state:

Maintain or register the database of your customers

If you are owning a business you will see most of your customers are welkin clients, but some of them are your permanent customers as well, you can make a register or database of your clients/customers for future offers, you can list them as your regular customers by offering them some sales packages, you can also use these customers as your advertisement by just providing them visiting card or by sending SMS with soft message of shareing to others !. So try to at least save some information of your customers for digital marketing.

Bulk SMS

With IT revolution, another marketing trend has been introduced that is the Bulk SMS, most of the time your will see promotional SMS at your cell number with brand or company Mask/SMS title. There are some marketing companies having huge database of Cell numbers area wise, they will send SMS as per your requirement to specific area, age group and even to specific city or town as well. You can hire any marketing company for this service for digital promotion of your business or services, and you believe me this will help your campaigns immensely.

Offers/sales/discounts using all digital channels above

If you have the database of your customers, you can make all above marketing tools work for you. If you have cell numbers or social media Ids, emails of your customers or even other people around you, you can offer them new sales packages, discounts alerts and other attractive packages for the promotion of your sales or services.

Contact bloggers to write abut your goods or services

Although, in our society there are vary rare readers unfortunately, people like to view pictures or videos, they dislike reading information, but still you can ask any blogger of your city or area to write an article about your sales or services, he will explain some highlights of your products or services using his blogging skills also with picture and videos, this will be huge plus point for the promotion of your business. Google will also rank your business to his index, as people search for relevant content, if you keep doing this, you will see outcome of your stuff after some months and certainly your brand or service will become very famous. And google will also rank you high with the passage of time.

Advertise online

After you have all the digital marketing tools online, now you can create and publish simple adds online, with social media and smart SEO you can bring all of your business’s goods or services at one place. With online marketing online using blogging, Facebook, twitter and linked in you will divert huge traffic towards your brands, you will start getting orders online by doing this. With offline sales the online sales will be huge bonus for your business. With the passage of time you will also get other earning option like google adScense etc.