Some Hidden Features of WhatsApp.

Some Hidden Features of WhatsApp.

Some Hidden Features of WhatsApp.- Whats App is one of the most used android app in the world. According to Google statistics there are 2 billion WhatsApp users in the world. 1.6 billion WhatsApp users access the app on a monthly basis. WhatsApp was downloaded 96 million times in February 2020. WhatsApp is available in more than 180 countries and 60 different languages.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo! After leaving Yahoo! in September 2007, they took some time off in South America. At one point, they applied for jobs at Facebook but were rejected.

Currently whatsApp is owned by Facebook, WhatsApp’s founders sale the products in price of $16 billion: $4 billion in cash and $12 billion remaining in Facebook shares.

In this article I’ll introduce you some of the hidden but important options of the whatsapp. These will surely be helpful in your daily life WhatsApp surfing.

Privacy option

Some Hidden Features of WhatsApp- Some Hidden Features of WhatsApp- For Android: Go to Menu Settings > Account > Privacy. Change the settings of personal data visibility.

For iOS: Go to Settings, and open the Privacy tab. Then change your settings.

Text Formatting in whatsApp

Use *good Moring* for Bold text
use _italicize_ for italic text
use ~strikethrough~ for strikethrough

However in some versions of android allow you another option of bold italic the text after typing the text and before sending just highlight the typed text will give you the options of copy, bold and italic etc.

whatsapp options
Whatsapp options

Mute a conversation

To silent a group chat use the mute option:

Long-press on a chat, then tap on the crossed-out speaker icon at the top of the screen. iPhone users need to open a conversation, then tap on the contact or group’s name at the top of the screen followed by Mute.

WhatsApp provides the option to mute a chat from 8 hours to 1 year

Disable Read receipts

When you see a signs of a tick on your phone it shows the message sent, delivered or seen by your friend. If you want to hide that status of messages being read or seen, use the option:

Open Settings > Account > Privacy and uncheck the box next to Read Receipts.

One tick: Message sent

two ticks: Message delivered successfully

two ticks (green): Message seen by receiver.

Use WhatsApp on a computer

Browse the link:

Now go to your whats app menu bar and click on whatApp web option, scan your phone with the QR code of your computer screen.

Custom notifications

Some Hidden Features of WhatsApp-By using this tool you can set in different tunes and unique notification settings for different friends.

Go to  View Contact > Custom Notifications.

For those using WhatsApp on an iPhone, tap on the contact’s name when viewing a chat thread, then Custom Notifications.

Export a conversation

If you want to Export a chat for any other purpose in text format with images and videos you have the option,

Go to chat and choose the export option

Android users need to tap on the Menu button followed by More > Export Chat.

Sending a group message without making a group chat

Sending a group message without making a group chat

If you want to create a mail, go to Chats > Menu > New broadcast. Press “tick” or enter the names of receivers.

Now you can share one message to 256 number of contacts

Block/Report the contact

You can block/Report any of contact, if you dnt want to receive any of his/her messages,

Just hold on that contact go use to option block or report

To check if you are blocked

You don’t see last seen online time etc.

You don’t see new profile images

All your messages are ticked once

You create a group chat, but you can’t add a contact

However, all these signs don’t guarantee that you are 100% banned.

 Saving the storage capacity from auto downloading

Android: go to Settings > Data Usage, and choose the as you required. For iOSSettings > Data and Storage Usage > Media.

Voice messages changes to inner speakers

Hold your phone to your ear, and WhatsApp will change the loudspeaker mode to inner speakers. How does it know that you have held your phone to your ear? This app is beyond our imagine.

Star a Message

This option can be used for important message to be remembered and search quickly, just hold on the message and use the star tool to add a message as important one. int he feature you can search the star messages by using the star option.

Hide Groups Media(images, videos)

You can alos hide or show your group’s media form others.

Go to Menu “:” of your group and click on Group Info. and select the Media visibility tool as your required.

Hide status from someone, else others

Go to WhatsApp settings>> Account>> Privacy

Status>> ‘My contacts except’

Now select specific contacts you wish to avoid and tap the tick mark below.

Select the “Only share with” option if you wish to share status updates only with a specific contacts!

Read deleted messages on WhatsApp

Download a notification log app and grant access to read the notification. This app will keep a log of all incoming notifications and will also come in handy when you wish to retrieve a notification you have accidentally swiped off.

Share Live Location (Real Time)

 You can share your location for 15 minutes, 1 Hour or 8 Hours!.

To do so, just tap the attachment icon in the text input field.

Now select ‘location’ and then select ‘Share Live Location.

Mark Messages as unread

If you have read a message but wish to answer it later, you can simply long-press the conversation head in the ‘Chat’ tab and select ‘mark as unread’ option.

Backup data on Google Drive

Settings>> Chat>> Chat Backup, this will create a back up of all of your whatsapp chat including all media.

Change chat background

Settings>>Chats>> Wallpaper.

 Send long duration audio recording

Press and hold the microphone icon and then slide it to a lock button. Now you can record long messages hands-free.

Find out how much data you’re using

iOS & Android: Settings > Account > Data Usage > Network Usage.