Some special tools of MS office word

Some special tools of MS office word

MS office word is one of the most common used MS office package tool for word processing, as per google analysis there are more than 1.2 billion active users of Ms office Word in the world. For word processing we use this tool frequently, in this article I’ll try to introduce you Some special tools of MS office word, which you may be not familiar with and those may be very useful to speed up your word processing work.

Ms word tool-Change Case

Use this tool to change selected text into capital, small or title etc

How to use: select the required text press Shift+F3 or use the tool from: Home–>Change case

change case in ms word

Ms word tool-Format Painter

Some special tools of MS office word– Use this tool to paste the format of already formatted text into other text, by simply clicking and highlighting the required text to be formatted.

How to use MS word Format Painter:

Click on formatted text, now move your mouse pointer to Format Painter tool fo Home Tab, click this tool then go to unformatted text and select the same.

Format Painter MS word

Urdu Word Processing In MS word

Some special tools of MS office word– You can enable Urdu word processing in your Windows Operating system using one of online tools available Urdu Ayub. By enabling Urdu in your windows now you can type urdu in your all versions of MS office same in MS word by just pressing Alt+Shift key to change language.

With urdu Ayub you can also download some of urdu fonts for Nastliq prints in word processing. By enabling urdu in Ms word processing now you can enjoy all the tools of Ms word as well and skip the usage of Inpage which is obviously not as good as Ms word.

Ms word- Go to tool

Using Ms word Go to tool or by pressing Ctrl+G you can jump into: any page, section of the page, line of the page, bookmark of the file, comment of the page, footnote and endnote in the page, table and graphic or even to table of the your word page.

MS word go to

Ms word – Paste Special

Using Pate special (Alt+Ctrl+V) is the rare used tool, this tool can be used for pasting the text or other type of data into different formats available in MS word processor.

MS word paste Special

MS word Sub and superscripts

Using these two tools of MS word you can convert your text into subscript(Ctrl+=) and superscripts(Ctrl+shift+=).

How to use

Select the required text to be sub (base) or superscripts(power), now go to Home –>sub or superscripts icon :

subscript and superscript in MS word

MS word Spelling check

Some special tools of MS office word– By using Alt+F7 you can directly jump into wrongly types word and correct those by selecting available intellisense options in MS word.

Spelling check in MS word

Ms word Object tool

Using MS word object tool you can simply insert other file formats into MS word using the that program directly, the program will be opened in your documents and yo can simply draw or create required object in that program by clicking outside of the frame that object will be lift in your word document and the other program will be close.

MS word object tool

Save as (F12)

Using save as in Ms word you can save different version or different format of the same MS word file

MS word Advanced Equation Editor

The most advanced tool is available in Ms office word for mathematical and scientific symbols with complex equation editing. You can simply go to insert tab of Ms word and click on Equation icon at the most right.

MS word equation editor

Create Table of Contents in Ms word

You can directly create your table of contents in Ms word for this you have to simply create heading of your document using the style tool in Home tab of Ms word. Then these heading can be used for creating table of contents.

Ms word table of contents

These created headings will be shown in Table of contents as tiles of your chapters or paragraph with page numbers etc.

Similarly you can also create table of figures and index of your document.

Synonyms (same meanings words)

Thesaurus (Shift+F7) tool from review tab can be used for pair of word of the selected word. That gives you option of more than one word but with same meanings. you can simply insert them into your document for better composition of your document.

Translation tool

Translate tool of Ms word Review tool you can simply translate your text to other languages like urdu or any other language you required.

Ms word translation tool

Record actions in Ms word – Macro

Using Macro tool in Ms word you can simply record you action and can use these to multiple number of times.

Macro in MS word

Protect Word Document

Protect document or file is the tool available in Ms word to protect, mark as read only or create password protected file in Ms word.

How to use

Go to File–>Protect Document

Protect document in MS word

Word Count

Word count in Ms word from Review tab you can get the useful statistics about your document including number of words and paragraphs etc.

Go to Review tab–Word count

Mail Merge

See this article

Misc. Short keys of Ms word

Close file: Ctrl+W

Close Program : Alt+F4

Increase/Decrease text size: Ctrl+]}, Ctrl+[{

Check Spelling : F7′

Advance Font : Ctrl+D

Page Break:Ctrl+Enter

New Line: Shift + Enter

New Paragraph: Enter

Today’s Date:Alt+shift+D

Current Time: Alt+shift+D