How to deal Disappointment


How to deal Disappointment- When you are disappointed about something, do not keep it inside, if you want to to cry, cry out tears can relive your mental hurt. If you want to share your thoughts, choose someone who is closer to you and trustworthy.

Sometimes tears are helpful for clean your eyes so that you can see the things ahead. Tears fall because the heart can no longer handle the pain.

Manage Emotion

How to deal Disappointment-Do not follow the emotions to decide anything when you are suffering from disappointment. What you really need to do is to calm down and manage your emotions.

How to deal Disappointment

“Its better to conquer yourself than to win a thousands battles”

Do not promise when you are happy, Do not reply when you are angry, and do not decide when you are sad.

Do not take things personally

Taking issues personally means you refuse to acquire wisdom or to find good solution. Instead of making it, all about me, you had better put yourself at the position of not know.

How to deal Disappointment

You should observe the life from a broader point of view, not always blame yourself.

Review your expectations

How to deal Disappointment-You should consider if your expectations are realistic. Think of some small achievement you can gain instead of the big one. Sometimes you have to lower your expectations to avoid disappointment.

How to deal Disappointment

“I cant change the direction of the wind, bit I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

Practise Gratitude

“You should never thing that world is unfair to you. There is no perfect environment to work try to adjust yourself”

Always see the lower, of helpless or even handicapped, you will be satisfy what you have currently.

Do no lose hope

Difficulties will be over one day. And success will come to you. The only thing which give you courage is the HOPE.

Learn from your mistakes

If you are suffering from disappointment, because you have done something bad before. And now is the time to for you to learnt how to do it right. A big lesson that you may not learn if you are not dealing with disappointment.

How to deal Disappointment

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