It is not the money that makes us rich

It is not the money that makes us rich…

One day  an elite dad took his son to a village trip, he wanted his son to see how poor someone can be ! So they spent full day and night on the farm of a poor family !

On the return the father asked his son how was the trip ? and what you have learnt ? The boy replied, it was great Dad !

So you see how poor people lives in a miserable conditions !

Oh yes I see dad !

I see :

We have one dog, and they have 4 !

We have swimming pool, they have rivers !

We have tube lights at night ! they have stars

We buy foods, they grow theirs !

We have compound wall, gates and guards to protect us! They have lot of friends!

We have TVs for entertainment ! They spend time with family and relatives !

The father was speechless ! than the boy added :

“Thanks Dad for showing how poor we are”

Moral of the story :

It is not the money that makes us rich, it’s the simplicity, love, compassion, friendship, values and family that makes you rich !

By Naveed
Digital AJK Blog

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