AIOU Online Solutions for Students

AIOU Online Solutions for Students

If you are student of AIOU, which is obviously one of the biggest name in open and distance learning education. Therefore, being one of the close observer of the AIOU Online Solutions for Students, I have learnt that most of AIOU students are not aware of this ODL mode, or may be most of them are so busy in their job routines that they consider their education as secondary option, and of course the system of AIOU also suites them quite well to just spare some time form their professional careers and continue their studies.

Now come to the point, as ODL broadly means that student will learn his course education while sitting at home so most of students complete their education even not visiting AIOU campus for once. And at the end they suffer to get their rewards, I mean to get their certification or degree or even any other relevant information they need, due to their casual behaviors towards ODL education. As AIOU is an Open and distance learning education system which heavily rely on ICT systems. Therefore, AIOU has many online portals for students facilitation so that by using this ODL mode they can get most of information and other education related operation just sitting at home like they did during their course/program learning processes.

AIOU Online Solutions for Students
AIOU University

So here i’ll list some of the top AIOU Online Solutions for Students, which will be surely helpful for AIOU students for tracking and solution /guidelines for most of their queries. And they will get most of support from using these online web tools of AIOU.

About AIOU

If you want to get admission in AIOU you must have little knowledge about system of AIOU so if you wanna learn about AIOU just browse this link:

AIOU programs/eligibility for admissions

AIOU also provide complete details of programs being offered or up coming programs details in the following link at official portal of AIOU under program menu.

AIOU digital Library

Like other big universities the AIOU also has one of huge library in main campus where your can visit and get your research related material, books any time. But AIOU also has Digital library for students where thousand of books has been uploaded and students can reach out those materials online using the following link of AIOU portal.

AIOU Teaching Methodology

What type of teaching methodology AIOU will provide if you get admission in AIOU, here is the link AIOU Online Solutions for Students for complete details of AIOU teaching Methodology.

AIOU Academic Calendar

AIOU also announce semester wise Academic calendar of all the activities which will be very help for all students for different operational updates

AIOU Admissions Procedure

Regarding admissions of AIOU, you can also get complete details and track all the relevant activities using the following links:

– Admission Confirmation:

– Books Dispatch Status

– Application tracking related to admissions:

– Admission Amendments/updates

– Tutor Information

– Workshops

– Admission Refund

AIOU Examinations Related Activities

if you need any information regarding to AIOU Examinations including Roll Number slips, data sheet, Degree,Transcripts, Results and assignments, paper rechecking online application tracking, AIOU, degree tracking system, AIOU degree verification system all available online under one click, You just need to be aware of these online tools and can get max of your pre and post activities of your education using these online tools of AIOU.

AIOU Results (Semester wise results, history semester wise, Transcripts etc

AIOU Date sheet

AIOU Roll number slips

AIOU Assignments Marks

AIOU Degree Verification Tracking system

AIOU Assignment Schedule

AIOU Assignments copies

AIOU Degree Tracking system

AIOU Results Rechecking or Correction

AIOU Help Desk

For support of students there is an online complaints registration forum is also available, you can launch your complaints by using this online support tool which is available 24/7.


Frequently Asked question list with proper official guidelines of those queries are also available at link below:

AIOU Learning Management System

A learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The learning management system concept emerged directly from e-Learning.

AIOU, Directorate of Students Advisory & Counseling Services

The website of student’s advisory is also available at link:

AIOU Registered Tutors of AIOU

The compete Database of all the registered tutors of AIOU is also available at official web site of AIOU :

AIOU Regions

The university has established more than 40 regional campuses and centers in various parts of the country to coordinate and facilitate decentralized system of education of the university. The regional directors keep a roster of qualified teachers and experts in each field of study in their area and enlist them as the university’s part-time tutors. Each group of students is entrusted to a tutor for guidance.

AIOU Directory

AIOU LIVE TV channel of AIOU

There is online job portal is also available at the following link

AIOU Social Media

There are official social media pages of AIOU also available, where you can get most updated and authentic information.

AIOU Facebook:

AIOU Twitter

AIOU Youtube


There are a number of groups, channels and social media campaigns, especially on Facebook, YouTube, twitter and Whats app are involved in spreading and misleading fake materials, assignment solutions, fake paper guesses and lots of other operations related to Degree issuance, assignment solution, fake paper guesses, exams schedules, degree verification of AIOU, which further leading towards financial and immoral ills. So please avoid all such social media channels and pages, for any information use authentic web sources from official web site of AIOU.


AIOU is the one of the re-known university of Pakistan, it is famous for his distance learning education system from secondary level to all post graduate programs including PHD. With the passage of time the university has change its traditional education system to an online distance learning education system, as a student you people must be updated with all the online tools of AIOU, so that you can get maximum fruits of open and distance learning education system using the platform of AIOU.