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At some day you will be just like me !

An elderly woman died in a hospital. When staff cleared his bed, they found a piece of paper under her pillow. The latter was address to all the ladies.

The nursing staff while reading it burst into tears: It was written :

Dear friends, what do you see when you are looking at me? a frail old women, not very smart with a strange habits, a person with an absent gaze and dull eyes. Someone who does not obey, listen and even spits out foods when eating. Making others frustrated. Is this all you see right.

In that case you should look more closely, because am not like that, I am a little girl with growing family, then am a young bride whose heart beats even faster because I have to leave my parents home with in built spirit to spend whole of my life with a person who is stranger to me. I am mother now.  I have two cute Childs who love me and they need me. Am a women becoming mature and wise. My children are growing fast hut I know in my heart that they will never leave me alone!

I am a middle age woman now, my children are married, they have their own children now. I am a grandmother than, I hold my children’s child in my lap again, am so excited because after decades am holding babies again. I am a widow, am feeling the grief of my husband’s death. That was one of the darkest of incident I faced in life. I feel lost after that. I do not have anyone to take care of me. My children are happy with their own families. I do not want to disturb them. They also not bother themselves to give some time to their old mother.

Am really an old woman now. Nature shows no mercy on any one when time comes ! I feel trapped in my own body. I lost all  the strengths, beauty and even sleep, all the pride vanished. Now am feeling like a child who needs care again!

Most of the time I used to lost in my past times. I think about my youth. When I and my husband use to go for picnic we use to have dinner and spent lot of time in outings ! Alas all of those charms have gone. Am just daydreaming ! Than I suddenly realizes the fact that yes this the the life circle.

I accept the reality that nothing last forever else the the almighty God, Who Has all the powers and prides.

Therefore open your eyes and look more closely. You are not looking at a frail old lady, instead you are looking a person which has all the joys and panics of life you people are now facing on.

Remember, at some day you will be just like me!

by Anila Naveed

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