Districts of AJK Mirpur

Districts of AJK Mirpur

Districts of AJK Mirpur is another famous district of AJK liberated Territory. The district is named after the main city – Mirpur. The District Mirpur comprises mostly plain and some hilly areas. Its hot and dry climate and other geographical conditions closely resemble those of Jhelum and Gujrat, the adjoining Districts of Pakistan.

People of Mirpur

People from this former Punjab region now known as Azad Kashmir are ethnic Punjabis who have historically looked abroad for employment. Many a ship employed Mirpuri boiler men in the age of steam. During the two world wars many Mirpuris enlisted in the merchant navy and armed services. During the last four decades a large number of people from this district have gone abroad, especially to United Kingdom for earning their livelihood.

Mirpur AJK

The Mangla Dam project in the early sixties resulted in the displacement of a large number of people, who under an agreement between the Pakistan government and the British government, were allowed to settle in the UK, where they are usually known as Mirpuri and play a role in the British society, economy, and politics.

Mangal Dam Mirpur ajk
Mirpur AJK

As such, they are today the major foreign exchange earning resource for Pakistan. Around 50,000 people were moved from this district in the mid-sixties to make way for the construction of Mangla Dam, but corrupt handling of funds meant long drawn out delays in completing the project. Most of these people settled in new Mirpur whilst some moved elsewhere in Pakistan or to the UK.

District of AJK Mirpur became part of Kashmir in 1846 as part of the treaty of Amritsar between the British and the Maharaja Gulab Singh.Before the treaty Mirpur was part of the Punjab. Although they are citizens of Kashmir the peoples of Mirpur are ethnic Punjabis in much the same way as Attock has a large Pashtun population even though it only became part of the Punjab in 1970 when Ayub Khan removed it from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The caste system in Mipur is very strong despite the most of people living in UK.

The famous castes in Mirpur

Jatt– They represent majority population of Mirpur. They mostly live in Dadyal, Main city, Khari Sharif etc. Jatts are playing acitive role in Politics of Mirpur.

Rajputs– They are second in number but play active role in politics and bureaucracy. They mostly live in Main City and Khari Sharif region. The famous sub-clans of rajputs are Chibs, Punwar Sohlan, Minhas, etc.

Gujjars– Last of the three main castes, Though Gujjars in Mirpur are in Minority compared to Jatt and Rajputs they are very much united and active economically and politically. Make up the bulk of the Mirpuri’s who live in the UK.

Sadat– They are very active people. Though they are not big in numbers but occupy important positions in all sectors.

Mughals– Mughals are not involved in active politics but they are very active in education sector.

Arain– They are less in numbers but they mostly rich people and have tendency towards business.

Districts of AJK Mirpur Languages

People of mirpur speaks mix punjabi with a touch of hindko called mirpuri, other famous languages are: punjabi, hinkdo, gojri, gojrati, kashmiri, urdu and English

Districts of AJK Mirpur Famous Foods

Here is a list of some of the most popular dishes in Mirpur which everyone must try at least once in their lifetime.









Famous foods in Mirpur AJK

Tourism in Mirpur

Districts of AJK Mirpur Famous places of Mirpur

Notable places within the district are:

Mangla Dam Lake

Mangla Dam is on Jehlum River near Mirpur city of Azad Kashmir. It is one of the largest dam in the world. Mangla Dam is second biggest hydro-electric power station. It was the first development project in Pakistan, after Indus Water treaty of 1960 with India to reduce shortcoming of water and strengthen irrigation system. Dam was constructed by an English firm, Binnie & Partners of London. Due to rising water level, Mirpur city was re-located nearby, with old city now submerged in water.

Mangla Dam Lake
Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Bandala valley

Mangla Dam Lake

Khari Sharif

located 8 km from Mirpur, it is famous for its Sufi shrine.

Khari Sharif

Mangla is a town 16 km from Mirpur, it is situated at the mouth of the Mangla Dam for which it is famous.

The Samahni valley

Districts of AJK Mirpur samahni guarded by high mountains on all sides, offers breathtaking and mesmerizing natural scenes to its visitors, waterfalls come down mountain slopes as well as streams and nalas of crystal clear waters. The mountains across the whole valley dressed in jungles of pine trees add an extra touch to the stunning view. The valley holds a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with pollution free environment from one end to the other.

The entire valley of Samahni, is approximately 35 km long and 8 km wide, stretching from Chawlian to Behmla in the West. 

The valley’s inhabitants are simple, peace-loving and law abiding. The ideal time to visit the valley is in March & April and then in July, August and September. Since the vegetation and the scenery during these months are at its best

Samahni valley


Is a small beautiful village in Mirpur Tehsil. In 1998 there were 533 people living in the village.

Jari Kas Park

Mangla Fort

Mangla Fort

Ramkot Fort

Ramkot Fort

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