Healthy life rules

How to have a Healthy life

You want to have healthy life style, follow some basic principles with healthy diet plan

Avoid Processed foods and Artificial Sweets

– Become aware with the names of these ingredients (i.e. high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, etc

Healthy Breakfast

– The most important intake to eat every day is fueling your body with grains, proteins, and fresh fruits.

Take Colorful Foods

– Try to build your meals as colorful as possible using a variety of grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Drink lots of Water

– Our body needs water to function properly. Don’t drink calories, drink water!

East Season Foods/Fruits

– You’ll get the most nutrients from your food because it’s at its freshest point.

Go outside

– Get some natural Vitamin D and fresh air everyday. This will boost energy and immune system.

Idealize yourself

-Be in yourself, you are the best mentor for your body

Remove Junk Foods from your life

– Go through your cupboards and fridge, and either remove all the junk food OR make a deal with yourself that when it runs out, you will not buy more.

Make a Meal plan

– Plan your meals every week. This helps you stay on track and avoid having to come up with quick, possibly unhealthful meal options.

Reduce Stress

– Reduce your level of stress by meditating, finding your happy place, and taking time for yourself!

Share your Goals

– By doing so, all the people you tell a re going to hold you liable.


– Exercising for 2.5 hours a week can be very beneficial for both your mind and body.

Engage yourself in Religious Practices

– If you’re stressed, pray is a great way to relax. You’ll focus on prayers and keep your emotions in check.

Sleep well

– Get plenty of sleep

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