Inspirational Story

A lady asks to an old man, How much do you sell eggs? The old salesman replied : 10 PKR an egg ma’am.

The lady said ohKay, I need 6 eggs in 50 PKR right? The old seller replied well ma’am you can see am needy no one is even bought a single egg today so its at your end to pay whatever you want?

So the lady bought the eggs and left the shop with a winning feelings !

She entered into her luxury car and went to a 5 star hotel with one of her friend, they ordered what they wanted. They ate a little and left a lot of what they ordered !

After this they asked for a bill it was 4500 PKR, the ladies gave 5000 PKR and asked the manager that keep the extra amount as TiP !

The question is :

Why we always need to show that we have power when we buy from a poor and needy?

And why we are generous with those who don’t even need our generosity?

Try to help those who are in needs but they don’t ask for, instead they work and sell you the things, show your generosity there too!


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