Things You Should Never Do After Eating

Things You Should Never Do After Eating

Some of the common habits after meal can effect your General health, so here are the things you should never do after taking your meal:


Going to sleep after meal could lead to bloating, discomfort and abnormal sleeping patterns which further leads your other health issue. So try to engage yourself in other activities like games or chit chat instead of sleeping right after meal.

Eating Fruits

Actually fruits requires special enzymes and more time to get digested. Eating fruits right after meal can cause indigestion, flatulence or heartburn.


Although smoking overall is a bad habit, but taking one cigarette after meal is equal to 100 cigarettes. This can cause the risk of bowl and lungs cancer

Things You Should Never Do After Eating
Things You Should Never Do After Eating


Latest research say that  you should wait 30 minutes before taking the walk after your meal. Going for walk right after meal can cause indigestion and acid reflex.

Dirking a cup of tea or coffee

They both have their benefits when taken in little amounts, but is is suggested by the Nutrition that tea should be consume at one hour after any meal !


Taking shower right after meal can also create indigestion and other digestive problems.  The shower can be taken after at least 30 minutes of meal.


Going to gym and taking exercise is good for your overall body and health, but taking gym right after the meal is not a good idea at all. After eating your stomach needs rest and time to digest food you have consumed. 

Drinking Cold water/Soft drinks

Avoid drinking any kind of liquid including water or soft drinks right after meal, cold water does not allow your digestive system to digest foods quickly as it causes bunching of food, which may increase the chances of constipation


Normally, people would say that it is very important to brush your teeth after eating. Yes it vital for your dental health, but don’t do it immediately after eating, else you should wait about 30 minutes to brush your teeth after eating. 

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