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Welcome to this unique forum of Kashmirs

The main goal of this website as name depicts to make information specifically of AJK available on the web. And broadly it also covers worldly information as well as of Pakistan. This will keep growing as time goes on, the idea behind this site is to facilitate others by providing information online. Therefore, a special message for you all visitors plus overseas Kashmiris and Pakistanis that please come forward and share your thoughts through your posts, writings, articles, discussion and other useful content. It will be published with your name if it is up to the mark.

Also write about all the districts of AJK with images of your areas with little description, you can share your ideas and thoughts and useful posts as well.

The business directory will also be published from time to time which will be very useful for right information findings about AJK

Free ads will also be published for the promotion of your business, and awareness campaigns etc.

Schools and educations institutions will be specially represented through new posts weekly and monthly. The provided data will be verified from heads of the institutes as well.

To give tribute to some of our great personalities from this mother land different articles will also be published form this forum. you can also write about your people whom you inspired and share your writings to me through emails etc.

This is your forum, so please contribute to this forum by all means by commenting, message posting, discussion, sharing photos of your areas, writing articles etc.

Thanks to all.